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Testimonials from Industry Professionals and Acttrue Actors

"...a true theatre professional... Marc’s energy, creativity and attention to detail supported the actor’s working process. He is a joy to work with and I recommend him to any theatre of integrity. They would benefit from his work."

UTA HAGEN - Tony Award winner, Master Teacher, Author/NYC

"I had the pleasure of working with Marc during the shooting of a 130 episode mystery TV drama called OCEAN AVENUE in Miami, FL. Instantly upon meeting Marc I was struck by his energy and creativity. A person cannot help but get excited about the acting process when in the same room with Marc. He captivates and excites you simply in his own passion for the craft.
Great, so he got my attention! More importantly, Marc challenged me. Never satisfied with the obvious or any one single direction, Marc challenges you to think and ask questions. He tests your creativity and leads you in directions you never thought to go. Suddenly, a simple, mundane scene takes a twist and turn and becomes fun and interesting to watch. Marc's teachings gave me structure; a process, but more importantly they encouraged me to take chances and never be satisfied with the ordinary.
Following my work on OCEAN AVENUE, I auditioned for the casting directors of all three major networks. Marc coached me prior to my auditions and helped me to land a contract role on ABC's daytime series ALL MY CHILDREN. I attribute much of my growth as an actor over the past year to Marc's coaching and support and highly recommend him to any and all who want to learn the craft."

"Recently I had the opportunity to take Marc's 3-day workshop in LA, my first experience with the Uta Hagen technique, leaving me with a "taste" of the process. Although I came away, thinking "differently", I feel the only way to master the work is by committing oneself to it. I found Marc to be a very passionate teacher and motivator who is untiringly dedicated to his student's success. He really wants us to "get it".
A couple of weeks later, I was in Miami and had the opportunity to work one-on-one with Marc preparing for an upcoming audition for Broadway. Using the Hagen technique as well as my own approach, Marc coached me breaking down and clarifying each moment in both the script and the two songs that were sent to me. Confident that I had done the work, I left my technique and preparation at the door, trusted, and had fun! I felt great about the audition! I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to have been coached by Marc and I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about growing their craft, to do the same. Thanks Marc!"

NANCY WOOD - Broadway/London/Los Angeles



“The insight and road map that you Marc Durso provide is something I have come to depend upon in my work as an have an incredible gift of being a "Roman candle" in the work - lighting a path of discovery gently-- and also setting off explosive illuminations-- working with you helps me transform the cerebral roadblocks, that sometime occur, into a grounded organic truthful presence that is so liberating and true..."



"ActTrue continues to challenge and support my daughter in all of her endeavors, and miraculously is available when a last minute audition/call-back comes up. Her training with ActTrue has strengthened her audition skills whether it's for Disney/Nickelodeon, cable series, full feature films, professional stage, independent films, student shorts or commercials. What else can I say? We LOVE ActTrue!"

ALLY MENDEZ (parent review)


"Marc, you have no idea of how much I appreciated your class. It reminded me how passionate we have to be to reach our dreams and goals as artists and hey, that means WORK...I have in mind how much work I need to get done, and your class showed me how...This message is to thank you...because in a world of "fake everything" it is comforting to find a path to be truthful in what you love doing the most. By this I mean, acting. I am looking forward to next class."



"Maestro, I just have to tell you... This weekend I was the Lead in an INCREDIBLE Short Film! The Director had been planning this film for two years. He auditioned me two months ago and I got the part. By calling on EVERY step you taught me through Ms. Hagen's Process. For every line, there was an action that corresponded to one of the steps. I just wanted to thank you for all you have taught me... your patience with me in class led me to have patience with my character on the set. Five years on and your training still resonates with me. And as it shall going forward!..."



"Anyone in South Florida who is interested in acting or would like to acquire skills that will set you apart in the entertainment industry please check out Marc Durso acting classes in Miami!! He is an incredibly talented instructor that will challenge you and keep you 100% engaged and intrigued the entire class, as well as motivating you to truly understand the foundations of true acting. Since starting classes with him I will never look at acting the same."




Catalina Rosemary Tamayo: "Thank you Marc I am so grateful for everything that you have taught me and how you continue to teach such wonderful work!"


JOERNDT: Yes! So happy to be learning that process...I find myself digging deeper into character's dialogue to understand their thoughts and meaning since I've been working with you. Which is all a part of the Hagen process



John Ruiz Hi Marc, thanks for everything that you taught me, I've learned so much from your class in such a short period of time, and so much More that I need to learn and explore, and miss it immensely, I'll be back soon!



I learned so much from you and have a completely new understanding of and appreciation for acting. I will definitely start learning how to be funny on purpose.... And changing my eating habits to uta Hagen Daz! Thanks again for all of your great knowledge and insight!



For three years now, I've gone to The Broadway Theatre Project thinking that it would reaffirm my passion for theatre and remind me why I do what I do. On top of that, though, BTP continuously forces me to dig deeper and develop a love for the creative process rather than being so set on reaching performance time. Each summer, apprentices experiment with the Hagen and Meisner techniques. We're introduced to the Estill voice model and get rigorous training in contemporary to ballroom to rhythm tap. Being a dancer first, BTP has allowed me to hone in on my vocal and acting training in ways that compliment the movement and physicality I'm familiar with. Between the faculty, the guest artists, and my fellow apprentices, the BTP family is unmatchable and I count down the days until I get to return each year!



"Going into this program on my part was scary and intimidating. But, upon meeting the faculty and all the people I would be spending the next three weeks with, I felt at home. The positive environment pushed me out of my comfort zone. Thats exactly what I needed. I learned so much in such a short time at BTP I don't quite know how I could retain it. But thats why its all written down! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all I met at Broadway Theatre Project. You are now part of my heart."



I've learned so much about acting and myself in just these two short weeks. Your approach to film and theatre made me think differently and helped me to make honest choices. I learned that opposites play a huge role when portraying a character and that Uta Hagen came up with some pretty helpful techniques that I'll carry on with me forever. Thank you Marc. I have learned more about myself through BTP than I could have ever imagined. I feel so much more comfortable going into roles and songs than I did before and learned many new techniques (Uta Hagen, Link Letter, Sanford Meisner) that I will use whenever is necessary. I owe a huge thank you to BTP and everyone involved, it's been a crazy ride I know no one will forget.

KIM BRENEMAN TURCHIN: "He has grown a tremendous amount since working with you! He said he would like a Skype lesson when we are in NJ with you... In addition to Broadway Artists Alliance, the other program he is doing is called the NYC Children's Musical Theater Festival... Thank you again!"



You shouldn't over act. When acting, you should act like you're reliving the moment, it has to feel real. Also when acting you should have a reason to be doing so. What is the verb being portrayed in my acting is what I should understand while acting. Amber Clarvit



Where do I begin?! I am so happy I made the decision to pursue my career seriously by applying to ACT. The rigor of the program is intimidating at first. On each day I have a minimum of 4 classes with at least 10 hours of class and that's the minimum but I LOVEEE every minute of it. In 2.5 weeks I have grown so much and I have been able to develop a deeper understanding of the work you and I have done together in the past. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I plan on continuing my studies here on the west coast. 



Thank you Mr. Durso for being a wonderful director and teacher, particularly in that you paint such vivid imagery for the actor to work with. It is inspiring and helpful in finding emotional memories. I feel i can explore and access my emotional triggers quickly and successfully due to the descriptive "image-nation" you create. I look forward to exploring the various choices and dynamics that can be used once sense memory/revelation occurs, instead of letting the emotional revelation take over


Miss Teen US Virgin Islands United States 2015:

Thank you to the best acting coach there is!

Enid Marie Rivera

The more I explore and understand the circumstances around my character, the least I worried about my abilities to transmit my character's behavior, and really become the character.

The psychological profile is key to the process.

ALEXANDRA NOBOA-CHEHADE: "Each class with you is a new discovery."

(Alexandra, fluent in Spanish and English, brings her world traveling journalism/interview skills to all her work in ActTrue class at Universal Academy. Her vibrant energy and mercurial mind make for such interesting surprises in her behavioral search for truth in the Hagen Process."Anyone in South Florida who is interested in acting or would like to acquire skills that will set you apart in the entertainment industry please check out Marc Durso acting classes at Universal Casting in Miami!!

"He is an incredibly talented instructor that will challenge you and keep you 100% engaged and intrigued the entire class, as well as motivating you to truly understand the foundations of true acting. Since starting classes with him I will never look at acting the same.

ALEXANDRA NOBOA-CHEHADE: "I've grown so much intellectually and individually since taking your classes.

"I've discovered so much about myself and taken profound interest in human behavior and conditions.  You've inspired me to test my limits and make new discoveries

(ActTrue deeply appreciates the recommendation by Ms. Noboa-Chehade. She has worked diligently to achieve her success as an on air journalist and she brings that investigative perspective to the discovery and creation of character.)

Ashley Diaz: "Couldn't have asked for a more passionate human being on my journey to discovering my true self."

ASHLEYASHLEY DIAZ: "Had an amazing eye-opening month in Universal Casting/Universal Academy with Marc Durso/ActTrue. He has made me question NOT who am I suppose to be? But who I TRULY am."

(Ashley studies with ActTrue in Wynwood at Universal Casting's Universal Academy. Fluent in Spanish and English, she brings both a sprite like joy and a deep, surprising emotional depth to all her Hagen Exercises which investigate the truth of life before the tricks of Hollywood.)

Ashley Diaz Thank you! Marc Durso for always having patience and courage to tell us what we need to hear .


(Fluent in Spanish and English, this vibrant and daring young actor puts all her acting choices on the line in class every week. She challenges herself through the Hagen Process to reveal her truth which is the artist's most powerful tool.)


ANDY PRICE: "Thank you for your patience...continue teaching the amazing craft: Uta Hagen process!"


PAOLA PAULIN: "Thank you for inspiring and teaching us not only about acting but also about life and pushing us to be better. You are a true teacher."PAOLA PAULIN: "Mr. Durso, I have no words to describe how happy I am for learning from you, not only in the acting process in which I feel completely happy to find someone who thinks outside if the box, but I also thank you so much for believing in me and pushing me to be better!


"...I belive in myself and my goals and finding somebody like you on my path makes me feel that I'm not crazy in thinking I can make it! Thank you so much for being a great teacher, coach, advisor but mostly thank you for being somebody that really cares about his students and their careers."

PAOLA PAULIN: "I felt great! The Hagen Six Steps are the most important part to have a base in our mind of the situation and the character...


"...Opposite Actions I think is a great added value for the casting, to show different changes in an easier way so it doesn't make our presentation boring or predictable...

"...after audition I felt really secure and happy for the fact I didn't have to use the paper at all, everything was in my mind and I react in a natural way...thank you so much again to help me in te process to show unique talent."


(Paola brings a vivacious charm to her very serious and focused investigation into character. She is tireless in her search for all the possible behavioral reactions that logically fit the circumstance. She studies with ActTrue in our Wynwood classes at Universal Casting)


(Paola brings her extensive, successful modeling experience to all her work in class with ActTrue at Universal Studio/Wynwood. She is completely committed to going beyond the cliche expectations of the entertainment industry to discover her unique creative expression.)


FRANCO MESSONE: "...My focus is not fame, I'm pursuing it because its my passion and my craft, I love it. It's a beautiful feeling to do something you love... The legends in the film industry did it because it was their passion and they probably couldnt see themselves doing anything else... but really great actors like Densel Washington for instance don't do it for the fame... Failing is not an option in my books Mr. Durso... hope to one day make you very proud"


(Franco, you already have! Keep doing the Hagen Exercises. Let them teach you what you already know: there is nothing but the truth!)


MACIAS: I'm very proud! And thankful that you have help me understand what the process is all about..

Alexa Heller Thank you Marc! You are so loyal and Im so grateful for your immense support. It truly means alot. Thank you


THOMAS BLOOD:  The Hagen Process is my core! It's where everything stems from! It's like second nature to me!


The one that help me the most was, "What my objective is" Swamp Murders

I hear you there but even with the 2 scenes I had I found it very helpful for finding my character and helping me with my objectives! 

Can't even explain the feeling that I have now! What an accomplishment this is for me! I feel like this is even greater then graduating from high school and college! After a year and a half... tonight I completed my 10th exercise in the Uta Hagen Process! I GRADUATED!!!! Thank you Marc Durso with ActTrue for making this possible and helping me findthe imagery, opposites, reaction to action, truth, moment to moment and to win..... I WON!!!! It's a bitter sweet feeling I have in completing exercise 10! I investigated and prepared for it, for one month! It's was an AMAZING feeling doing my exercise and now that it's over... I'm sad! Even though I have completed and graduated from the Hagen Process... I will not stop working on my craft! I will still be going to class with Marc Durso and ActTrue to keep learning and stay fresh! Waiting patiently and eagerly for when my BIG OPPORTUNITY comes.... I'LL BE READY!!!!

In studying with you at ActTrue I have learned that in truth you will find there is no trickery! Seeing it brings the truth out of you! Listening brings you into moment to moment which also shows truth! You have to realize to make it real which is truth! You will have truth by not showing it... but experiencing it! You must have a image for it to be true! Personalizing things also brings truth! For it to be true... you must be in thought! It simply comes down to this... "It's either true... or it's not!!!" This is what you and ActTrue has given me!



Daniella Macias Marc Durso anyone Serious about acting needs to take this class. Everything Marc teaches will help you become a better ACTOR.



May 20, 2015 at 9:08am

Angelica Toledo: "I'm so lucky to be a part of this class. Thank you so much for your support and guidance! Thank you for today. I know you say it's all me but its you too. You are such an amazing teacher.  You never say anything that isn't full of wisdom. Thank you for that :)  See you next week!"Angelica Toledo: "Thank you so Marc! Your support and guidance keep me going!"ANGELICA TOLEDO: "...realizing that Shakespeare is a complete genius in his art. I realized that some things will be understood forever, any era. Especially love, and that's why Shakespeare is still present today.


And today was the first day that I could actually feel myself visualizing moments and translating it in my character. I need a lot of work but I was amazed when I found myself feeling and not just saying my lines with a mood or tone.


I still have to do some more investigation based on who I am but I'm realizing that if I really put myself in the right mindset and visualize I can be so genuine. Not just to you or the "audience" but I literally feel genuine. I can't wait till next class!


(Angelica brings her extensive on camera experience and confidence to all her work in ActTrue classes at Rising Starz Academy. She is driven to realize her film acting goals and focused on serious and methodical technique study.)



OLIVIA BYRNE: "...To Be or Not to Be...This is basically the way acting is taught. Studios will tell you to be happy or to be sad. There are many different types of happy and sad. You could be happy that you won the lottery or you could be happy that you made a friend on the first day of kindergarten.


"In Marc Durso's ActTrue class, you are not 'to be happy and sad'. You are to figure out what the character's thoughts are to make them act a certain way. In a studio ... you do fake things. Otherwise known as inhuman things. Also the laughter that you hear on teen sitcoms are fake. I honestly will sit down and watch a teen sitcom and not laugh at all even though there are so called "jokes and funny looks" in it. When I watch something with true acting in it, I do laugh and cry. Thats why its better to be true than to be false."


(Olivia is an award winning triple threat performer. She has a masterful command of comedic timing to match her dancing and singing skills. She studies the Hagen Process with ActTrue by Netcoach Intensives. Her insightful perspective on acting comes from her focused commitment to excellence in all her artistic forms. She works and works and works to make work and that's when it's truthful.)

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