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Admission to all acting classes requires an interview. Student admission is at the discretion of the Director.
Applicants are measured by their character, by their ability to demonstrate their commitment and articulate their goals, and by their previous experience and/or training. Applicants may be interviewed by telephone after the Director is in receipt of a resume which includes their previous acting training and activity, a current picture, and a written letter which outlines their reasons for wishing to study at ActTrue, in addition to their professional and artistic goals.
ActTrue does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, nationality, sexual orientation or ethnic origin in its admissions policy.



Class size is limited. Class space is assigned and guaranteed to applicants in the order in which the Director receives payment.

Applicants are required to make full tuition payment in advance of attending the first class. Payments may be made by personal check or cash. Returned checks and resulting bank charges must be repaid in cash and may result in a cancellation of the privilege to pay by personal check.

Audits are as follows: New students must Investigate, Prepare and Present the First Assignment in Class, as well as work with the Linklater Voice process and Camera/Imagery Technique. That is: each student WILL work.

If, after Experiecing the Proven Professional Creative NY Acting Process of the Hagen Object ExercisesLinklater Voice and Camera/Imagery Technique, the student then does not wish to continue, that Audit class is FREE.

Commit. To your Dream. To class. To yourself.



Refunds are given only if a class is cancelled by ActTrue. All classes must be completed within that scheduled Six Week session. Unattended classes will not be carried over to subsequent Six Week sessions: MISS CLASS/LOSE CLASS.
Students who are unable to attend the entire Six Week session and give notice to ActTrue PRIOR to Registration will be prorated the number of classes they will attend.
Private coachings must be completed within the paid period of sessions.
Commit. To your Dream. To class. To yourself.

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